Views Sought On Islands’ IFCA

matt lethbridge sea fisheries vessel 2The government wants your views on the islands’ Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority.

The body, which enforces fishing regulation and works towards marine conservation, was set up four years ago.

The islands successfully argued for their own IFCA when it had been suggested that a larger authority taking in Devon, Cornwall and the islands would take over from the former Council Sea Fisheries committee.

Scilly’s is the smallest IFCA and receives £109,000 annual funding.

Defra wants to know whether IFCA objectives and priorities are understood by locals and whether the body has identified and addressed issues. They also want to know whether staff are professional, fair and interested in their work.

You have until August 1st to respond.

IFCA officer Steve Watt says his organisation has the reputation of being the best run IFCA in the country and he’s confident of receiving good feedback.

He says being small, with only 250 square miles to monitor and with a limited fishing fleet means it’s relatively easy to manage.

You can give your comments here.