Island Women Switch Run To Scilly After Travel Plans Thwarted

Rhiannon Wallace and Amelia Mills

Rhiannon Wallace and Amelia Mills

Two St Mary’s women who were unable to travel to Plymouth for the city’s half marathon yesterday, switched the 13-mile run to St Mary’s.

Rhiannon Wallace and Amelia Mills were fundraising for the Cornwall Air Ambulance but were unable to leave the islands when bad weather halted flights and prevented Saturday’s Scillonian sailing.

Amelia said she was “gutted” not to be able to get to the mainland. They’d already done the training and fundraising so decided to carry on with their own version of the event.

The women set off on the circuit from outside the Town Hall yesterday at 10.30am, accompanied by friends and family.

Amelia said she’s grateful to Helen Pearce who set up the route.

It’s the one they used for training which she says was a bit of an advantage – they knew where the hills were, but they didn’t have the benefit of the pace runners along the Plymouth route.

Her daughters cheered her around the circuit from their car.

Amelia said that she completed the half marathon in her target time, finishing in 1 hour 48 minutes and she says Rhiannon also had an “awesome” race. Marian Gibson also took part.

Afterwards, the women were awarded medals donated by Helen, who had previously entered the Plymouth run.

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  1. Jeff Eastick April 29, 2014 at 12:42 am

    Well done,Rhi.
    will give you our contribution when we see you in July.

    Jeff and Sue Eastick