Council Announces New Senior Management Team

town hall 4The Council has announced their new senior management team.

It follows the decision by councillors last week to approve the restructuring of the authority by new Chief Executive Theo Leisjer. He didn’t want to take on last year’s reshaping of staff structures put in place by the Interim CEO Barry Keel.

Theo began the process of recruiting to the new positions earlier this year.

His Assistant Chief Exec will be Craig Dryden. Craig has worked for the authority since 2005 and most of his career has been in town planning. He came to Scilly following planning roles in North Devon and North Cornwall.

But he’ll be relinquishing his planning duties for his additional role as Senior Manager of Infrastructure and Assets. This puts him at the top of the department that oversees waste, water, roads and infrastructure.

Craig will take on a range of responsibilities similar to those of the former Chief Technical Officer Neville Gardner.

Diana Mompoloki takes up a permanent Council position as Senior Manager for Strategic Development. Previously she had been employed through a European funding arrangement.

She’ll oversee economic development. Before she came to Scilly 2 years ago, Diana headed up a team at the now defunct Regional Development Agency, where she worked with the new Council Chief.

Richard Burraston joined the Authority in Summer 2012 as an Accounts Technician. He’s been promoted to a top-level role as a Senior Manager for Democratic and Corporate Services. His previous mainland experience was as a solicitor.

Last year, under Barry Keel’s plan, the Council contracted headhunters to find a candidate for the widest portfolio, a role that was then termed Director of People. No external appointment was made to that.

Aisling Hick has now been appointed internally to the new position of Senior Manager for Services to our Community.

She will have a number of legal responsibilities to deal with including acting as Chief Education Officer, Statutory Director of Adult and Children’s Services and Officer for Public Health. She’ll also oversee Adult Education and Park House.

The Council’s job specification indicated it was desirable for applicants to have a qualification in social work or education legislation. Aisling has, however, held a strategic management role in the Town Hall and has worked at the Council since 2005.

Before moving here, she worked in advertising on the mainland.

Members have been told that the new roles command a £58,000 salary. The Assistant Chief and Chief Executive will earn around £80,000 and £100,000, respectively.

No permanent replacement has been announced for Iain McCulloch, who has left the Council as Head of Finance to move abroad.

It’s expected that senior officer employment costs will exceed £500,000 per annum when a finance replacement is hired.

The staff changes have already brought physical reorganisation of the Town Hall workspaces last week. The new senior management will all share the former ground floor admin office.

That’s a change from the established practice where senior management work in the same office as staff underneath them.