Roads Dropped From Council’s Resurfacing Plans

Mount Flagon Road

Mount Flagon Road

The Council is dropping plans to resurface some sections of road on St Mary’s after getting a more realistic estimate of the cost from contractors Lagan Construction.

The Authority had agreed to spend a total of £1.45m on the work, but will now leave out sections of road in Old Town and along Church Street, which are considered to be in good condition.

Mount Flagon, which has a significant number of potholes, will also be missed, as it’s considered to be a low priority because it’s used less than other roads.

The Council will have to put in more from its reserves after receiving only £80,000 from the government’s storm damage fund.

They had asked for £150,000.

£24,000 has been found from a previous pothole repair grant, but that still leaves a £46,000 shortfall.

At last week’s Policy and Resources Committee meeting, Chairman Gaz O’Neill expressed concern about £64,000 being used from the Children’s Services budget.

This is money that was allocated for the safe route work along Old Town sea wall, as part of the new school build.

He said it appeared that not all the planned work will now take place, yet the same amount was still coming from the Children’s budget.

Director of Children’s Services Penny Penn-Howard said she wasn’t aware the money was coming from that budget and she needed “to look into it.”

But General Purposes Chairman, Steve Sims, said the section along Old Town Bay will receive “a fair sum more” than the £64,000 being proposed and he didn’t consider it was “stealing from Children’s Services.”

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