Roads Dropped From Council’s Resurfacing Plans

Mount Flagon Road

Mount Flagon Road

The Council is dropping plans to resurface some sections of road on St Mary’s after getting a more realistic estimate of the cost from contractors Lagan Construction.

The Authority had agreed to spend a total of £1.45m on the work, but will now leave out sections of road in Old Town and along Church Street, which are considered to be in good condition.

Mount Flagon, which has a significant number of potholes, will also be missed, as it’s considered to be a low priority because it’s used less than other roads.

The Council will have to put in more from its reserves after receiving only £80,000 from the government’s storm damage fund.

They had asked for £150,000.

£24,000 has been found from a previous pothole repair grant, but that still leaves a £46,000 shortfall.

At last week’s Policy and Resources Committee meeting, Chairman Gaz O’Neill expressed concern about £64,000 being used from the Children’s Services budget.

This is money that was allocated for the safe route work along Old Town sea wall, as part of the new school build.

He said it appeared that not all the planned work will now take place, yet the same amount was still coming from the Children’s budget.

Director of Children’s Services Penny Penn-Howard said she wasn’t aware the money was coming from that budget and she needed “to look into it.”

But General Purposes Chairman, Steve Sims, said the section along Old Town Bay will receive “a fair sum more” than the £64,000 being proposed and he didn’t consider it was “stealing from Children’s Services.”

5 Responses to Roads Dropped From Council’s Resurfacing Plans

  1. Steve Sims April 25, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    The article doesn’t state no roads will be resurfaced. 90%+ of the original plan is still in place, but because of a change in price not everything planned could be done. So Old Town Hill to Pilots Retreat has sadly had to be dropped, because it is in “relatively” good condition.

    Being done is:-
    The whole of town (except Rams Valley, Sally Port and Little Porth), The Thoroughfare and Mermaid carpark to be concreted, Telegraph Road to the bottom of Sunnyside Hill, Parting Carn to Tremelethan, Old Town Road to the bottom of the hill, Ennor Close, the School carpark and Watermill.

    The 64k allocated to the road along Old Town beach has been incorporated into the funding, it would be bizarre not to, so it’s being dealt with Pete.

    The roads when done should last for around 20 years before they need looking at again.

  2. Avid Spectator April 24, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    What a surprise… !

  3. LINDY April 24, 2014 at 11:10 am

    Do not forget that those that hold the purse strings, know what is best. My tongue is fixed firmly in my cheek. I imagine when the money spent on travelling to and fro the mainland by those that know best is added up, lots of islanders would have an eye watering experience. No doubt those that know what is best could justify just those expenses. What ever happened to what was heralded as the next best thing to sliced bread, VIDEO CONFERENCING. Imagine what that money saved could be spent on.

  4. Chief April 23, 2014 at 10:55 am

    Something tells me our new replacement for the previous technical officer will not get these problems sorted soon if at all! I can see money that we spend each year on council tax and road tax will be put towards something more meaningful like non trading business units, 2″ high sea defences (old town wall), state of the art airport terminal but no planes etc… If you aren’t going to fix the roads then surely the council may as well apply for exemption from paying road tax and removing the status of A3110 from our main circular road.

  5. pete hicks April 22, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    can some one PLEASE explain why you can just “find” £24,000 already set aside for pot holes ? and why in gods name hasnt it actually been used to fix the current potholes ! ?

    what happens to our road tax , council tax and all the other taxes.? Why is absolutely everything seemingly paid for by bloody grants/funds ?

    here we have a great opportunity to get the whole road network sorted with proper heavy duty tarmac’ing machinery whilst its over in the islands at great expense and complex mobilisation from the mainland..use It !

    and so the old town school route still rambles on …what a shambles !! £64,000 sitting there doing nothing and nothing being done !
    how much did it cost to put a thin layer of different tarmac on the road last time ? £150 ?
    which promptly broke up
    come on council …get this place sorted !