Second Arrest In Two Days For Alleged Drink Driving

police landrover backSt Mary’s Police have made a second arrest within two days for alleged drink driving.

A local St Mary’s man, aged in his 20’s, was arrested just after 1am on Saturday by PC Mat Crowe.

The male was driving a car on Church Street when he was stopped and taken to St Mary’s Police Station, where blood samples were taken.

On Thursday a Bryher local was arrested on that island on a drink-driving allegation.

Sgt Colin Taylor says the islands’ police are “deadly serious” about enforcing drink drive law as drinking and driving “can and does ruin lives.”

He says there can be no excuses for it anywhere, let alone Scilly.

The arrested St Mary’s male was bailed to return to the police station for the results of the blood test at a future date. That test will determine whether he was over-the-limit.

Sgt Taylor says he has directed the islands’ three police officers to wear their breathalyzers whilst on patrol from now on, as a matter of routine.

Colin says he hasn’t launched a specific crackdown and he’s got no data to suggest that we’re any different from the mainland in terms of drink driving numbers.