Storytelling And Wellbeing Feature In This Year’s Walk Scilly Festival

walk scilly logo 2014History and legend, set against stunning island scenery is the approach for one of the more unusual events at this year’s Walk Scilly festival.

Professional storyteller Will Coleman says he’s excited to be bringing his ‘Brave Tales’ walk to Scilly for the first time.

Will says he takes bits and pieces from history and myths, and weaves them together into stories that unfold as his walks progress.

He doesn’t want too give too much away, but says he’ll have some unusual tales about places like Piper’s Hole on Tresco. And there’ll be links to Lyonesse, the land that sank beneath the waves in ancient legends.

Will says it’s a gentle way to walk and good for those who aren’t in such “fine fettle,” with plenty of long breaks while the storytelling takes place.

He’ll be taking groups to Tresco on Monday and St Agnes on Tuesday, and you’ll also see Will in a different role on Thursday at the Scilly Folk Festival. He’s a member of popular band, Dalla.

Martin Hesp has been leading walks at the event since it started back in 2007.

This year, he has the distinction of taking out the very first group, tomorrow afternoon, on a ‘Walk for Wellbeing’ around Peninnis.

It’s designed to ease people into the week’s activities.

Martin says Scilly has some of the best walks in Europe, mainly due to the lack of traffic and the stunning sea views.

His most satisfying walk of the last eight years has been a tour around Bryher where 76 people turned up.

He said they had to be split into two groups that headed out in different directions and met up again later in the pub.

Martin’s top tip for walking guides is to take regular breaks to chat to the group. That lets the slower walkers catch up, he says, and stops them feeling left out.

And he says anyone visiting Scilly should do at least one of the islands’ circular coast paths.

“Just one will send you home with a big, maritime smile on your face,” he says.

Walk Scilly starts tomorrow. You can pick up a copy of the Walk Scilly programme from the TIC and from the off-island shops, or you can also download a copy here.


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