Council Assures Residents Over Water Taste

tapThe Council wants to assure St Mary’s residents that their tap water is safe.

It follows some resident complaints that it tastes and smells of either bleach or chlorine.

Linda Thomas told Radio Scilly she replaced her kettle, assuming it was to blame.

Cllr Steve Sims, who chairs the Council’s General Purposes committee, which oversees St Mary’s water supply, also thought it tasted odd. But the Town Hall told him they had received no complaints.

That prompted comments from Chris Blackwell and also Fiona Robson, who told us they had contacted the Council.

Fiona says the water has a “funny taste” especially when it’s boiled. She’s complained several times and has been told to run the water for a period of time before using it.

The Council says that tap water chlorine levels have always remained comfortably within legal standards. The amounts vary but they have always remained below the thresholds.

Water is monitored daily and samples are sent to South West Water monthly. There are regular weekly samples taken from reservoirs and consumer supplies.

The Council says they have made an effort to visit those members of the public that have contacted Technical Services and all tests have come back with satisfactory results.

They say the primary cause of metallic tasting water is internal plumbing. Appliances, like washing machines can contribute and installing a non-return valve on appliances can help.