Dozens Of New Homes In Economic Plan For Scilly

economic development eco dev sign90 to 120 new homes could be built on St Mary’s over the next 10 years to safeguard the islands’ long-term sustainability.

Islanders will be able to hear more about the thinking behind that recommendation today in a session at The Old Wesleyan Chapel.

It’s being argued that more properties are needed to attract workers, encourage new businesses and maintain the viability of existing operators.

Consultants Ash Futures have been brought in by the Council to define the islands’ economic strategy.

Their owner Simon Hooton worked for the former South West Regional Development Agency at the same time as new Council boss Theo Leisjer and Diana Mompoloki from the Economic Development team.

He’ll present his blueprint, written following responses to a recent online business survey. That questionnaire also asked respondents whether they supported a new luxury hotel on St Mary’s.

But the survey wasn’t publicised widely, and that’s led some locals to question whether the survey findings represent an effective consultation for what could become Council policy.

Radio Scilly contacted ten business owners and only two were aware of the survey. It was publicised within a multi-topic email sent from the Islands’ Partnership to their members.

Richard Mills of Porthmellon restaurant Speros and the Sailing Centre tells Radio Scilly that he’s surprised that the Council or its consultants didn’t contact businesses directly, especially as this survey appears so significant and could shape future Council policy.

You’ll be able to talk with the Ash Futures team about their plan today until 3.30pm at the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

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