Boatmen’s Association Welcomes New Member

Paul Osborne on the Meridian

Paul Osborne on the Meridian

St Mary’s Boatmen’s Association has a new member.

Paul Osborne has joined the business after buying the Meridian from former owner Jeremy Philips.

Paul has been an independent boatman in Scilly for almost 22 years, starting out in 1992 with the Wanderer, before purchasing the well-known Blue Hunter in 1999.

He says joining the Boatmen’s Association will give him more job security. In previous years he’s lost up to 3 weeks work when engine problems meant his boat couldn’t be used.

Paul says everyone in Scilly has to work harder these days.

Customers don’t just turn up any more, he says. You have to get out there and give them good service and value for money.

Paul says he doesn’t want to walk in and start changing the Association, which has been running successfully for many years, because he’s still learning how it all works.

He says he’ll just put forward his views and talk to other members.

We asked Paul if he’d miss the Blue Hunter.

He says it’s impossible not to get attached to your boats, when you spend so much time painting, polishing or fixing them.

But he already seems to be getting used to his new purchase.

Paul says the Meridian is 15 ft longer than Blue Hunter, but is easy to manoeuvre and handles beautifully.

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