New Slimmed-Down Leaflet For Visiting Sailors

harbour leaflet 2014The St Mary’s Harbour team has produced a new, slimmed-down brochure aimed at yachtsmen who visit the islands.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark said the first version they designed last year was “a bit bulky,” with information included from the AONB and Wildlife Trust, who partnered with them on the project.

Visitors said it took too long to read through so Assistant Harbourmaster Alan Hartwell has given it a refresh.

They’ve focused on providing enough information to get sailors here and set up, says Dale.

They’ve also ditched the separate English and French versions and combined them into a single leaflet.

If visitors need anything else, says Dale, then the Harbour team are happy to help.

5,000 brochures have been printed and copies will be sent to nearby ports along the English and Welsh coasts, and in Ireland and France.

Dale says that’s been a successful way to encourage yachts to visit the islands.