New Book Of Island Paintings To Launch This Evening

sue lewington 2014
A popular islands’ artist will launch a new book of drawings tonight.

Sue Lewington used to live on St Martin’s and has produced five books of watercolours and sketches over the years.

Tonight, at the North Farm Gallery, she’ll present a compilation of 90 notebook drawings made over 12 days during last Easter’s cold snap.

Sue says this work was sketched on location and features more simple, raw material than people might expect from her.

She says she’s an artist first, but also views her work as recording history.

Even on St Martin’s, Sue says, the old Reading Room has now gone and parts of the coastline have changed after the winter storms. She feels it’s important to capture that.

Sue’s next project will be to tie items she’s seen in the museum with the landscape in which they would have been found.

She’d also like to produce more winter images, showing the scenery at a time when many visitors don’t see it.

Sue will be signing ‘A Scilly Easter’ in the North Farm Gallery on St Martin’s from 6 to 9pm and she’ll be exhibiting some of her work in acrylics.