Comedy Chosen For This Summer’s Theatre Club Performance

theatre town hallSt Mary’s Theatre Club has chosen a summer play.

‘Merely Players’ will offer locals and visitors a more light-hearted show, in contrast to the club’s original plans to produce Accrington Pals, which portrays the experiences of troops in the First World War.

That play required a cast of ten characters and there weren’t enough actors.

Director Kevin Leeman says that people have subsequently told him they would come forward to the auditions but stayed away because they thought the club would have plenty of auditionees.

Kevin doesn’t want to give too much away about the plot but says it is a comedy without too many elements of farce. A group of actors end up in a stately home where a theft occurs.

The cast had their first run through on Monday and he says that went well.

Kevin is acting along with Gail Sibley, Dave Chodkiewiz, Jon McKenzie and Laura Pearson.

It’s Laura’s first summer play. She joined the club for the pantomime where she played the Princess.

As The Entertainers no longer perform, the Theatre Club will alternate each week with Chris Garratt’s band and Kevin says they aim to start in mid or late June.

The club will discuss membership numbers and how to encourage more members at their next AGM.