Street Furniture Could Solve Hugh Town Parking Problems

hugh town centre summerHugh Street could get new street furniture to limit parking outside the Co-Op.

Chair of the Council’s General Purposes committee, Steve Sims, has called a special meeting next Wednesday to move the scheme forward.

Steve says parking is a “huge issue” in the town and gives a bad first impression for visitors coming off the boat.

But he says yellow lines get ignored and there are problems with enforcing any restrictions. Sergeant Colin Taylor from Scilly’s police team recently said he didn’t want his officers turning into expensive traffic wardens.

Steve wants to narrow the road by bringing out the kerb. Traditional methods to do that are too expensive, he says, so they’re planning to install wooden planters on the Co-op side of the road, to reduce the carriageway by up to 2 metres.

Cars won’t be able to park, because they’ll block the road, but there’ll be more room for a single line of traffic.

Steve feels it’s an elegant solution. The planters are easy and cheap to purchase, and cycles and motorbikes will still be able to park between them.

There won’t be a public consultation because he feels it’s better to run it as a trial instead. The planters can easily be removed if people don’t like them, he says.

The Islands’ Partnership is keen on the scheme and Steve says some businesses have already shown an interest in sponsoring a planter. That could reduce the cost of maintenance for the Council.

However, islanders with mobility problems might object to the lack of parking outside the store.

One solution, says Steve, is to put disabled parking bays outside Kavorna Café, possibly doubling up as a taxi rank.

Steve wants to move quickly, before the road resurfacing work starts, because they need to make decisions about the road markings.

That’s why he’s called a special meeting rather than wait until the next scheduled General Purposes meeting in June.

If he gets approval next week, he feels they could have everything in place by the early summer.

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