Meeting To Discuss Scilly Council Economic Strategy Survey

Do we need a new, up-market hotel on St Marys? Does Scilly need 40-50 new houses built on St Marys creating a new settlement, with local facilities? Do we need to improve infrastructure for more electric vehicles?

These are all question posed in the recent online business survey arranged for the Council by their consultants, Ash Futures. The survey response date has now passed.

The replies to this online questionaire will help shape the future Council business and economic strategy.

You can find out about this emerging plan for the future of the islands’ economy with a drop-in session convened by the Council consultants,Ash Futures, between 10.30 and 3.00pm on Thursday 10th April in the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

You may recall that this is the survey which a number of businesses claimed that they had not received and had no knowledge of. As we reported, there were no posters produced and no details were posted on the Council website. Some Island Partnership members did, however, get information about it in an email. You might want to attend, as the results could influence formal Council future policy and strategy which could affect you or your business.