Council Apologises Over Water Outage

tapThe Council has apologised after Hugh Town homes and businesses were left without water this morning.

Radio Scilly was first alerted to the problem when a Sallyport resident turned on the tap and found that he had no water. He was unable to reach anyone with information at the Town Hall.

The Council says this interruption to the supply was planned work to the Buzza ring main and residents in Rams Valley, Porthcressa and Sallyport should have been informed by letter. But they added that the interruptions have affected more areas than originally expected.

That means properties in Church St, Garrison Hill and Jerusalem Terrace also found themselves unexpectedly without water.

After Radio Scilly contacted the Council they put a notice on their webpage.

The water has now been switched back on, although the Council says it might take a while for the water to come through due to air bubbles in the pipes and it could be discoloured. Residents should run the taps until this stops.

The Town Hall has come in for criticism for a lack of communication with locals recently.

Speaking last week on Radio Scilly about transport issues, Cllr Steve Sims claimed that the Town Hall has not been informing islanders about activities as well as might be expected.

And island businesses have claimed they had not been given any information about an online survey, the results of which will help shape future economic development and housing strategy.

The Town Hall didn’t produce posters to promote the consultation and failed to feature it on their website. The survey is now closed.

Chairman Amanda Martin told Radio Scilly that she would look into communication issues at the Council.

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