Rare Chough Sighting In Scilly

Chough 1A chough has been spotted on Bryher near Popplestone Bay. The bird was later seen on Tresco and had reached St Martin’s by the evening.

Although the birds are seen in Cornwall at times, it’s unusual to spot the member of the crow family on the islands and only six have been recorded since the 1930s.

The last one here was two years ago on St Martin’s, and was then spotted at Peninnis on St Mary’s.

The new sighting was reported yesterday afternoon by Radio Scilly wildlife expert Will Wagstaff.

Will says choughs have started breeding again in Cornwall but are rarer here than many of the American birds that are spotted, which have flown up to 3,000 miles.

He says some birds really don’t migrate very far.

Of the six sightings in Scilly, three have been in the last decade, with one in the 1980s.

One Response to Rare Chough Sighting In Scilly

  1. Geoff Robertson April 5, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    As a regular visiter and keen birder these reports are always nice to read. Can anyone tell me why the IOS bird group web page is no longer updated?