Laser Tag Returns To Scilly

Lazer Tag organiser, Jim Johnson

Lazer Tag organiser, Jim Johnson

Lazer Tag will be returning to the Garrison this weekend.

It’s been organised by the Council’s Children’s Services Team and Co-ordinator Jim Johnson says it’s one of their most popular activities.

People seem to look forward to it, says Jim, and they’d miss it if it didn’t go ahead.

With the pressure on Council budgets, he’s keen to see this activity continue. It’s something that is reasonably cheap to organise and it’s easy to put on, he says.

The game involves using special laser guns to ‘tag’ your opponents.

It’s played outdoors, and Jim says it manages to get everyone running around, without coming across as ‘sport.’

There are separate sessions for youngsters over 8 years old and adults. And he says the family sessions can bring out some ‘surprising’ competitiveness between the islands’ different clans.

Previous players might notice a few changes in the woods following this winters storms.

A number of trees came down, which means more open spaces, says Jim, but also more places to hide where the cut branches have been piled up.

Over sixty people have already booked and there are still places available, although these are filling up rapidly.

It’s likely they’ll put on extra family and adult sessions on Sunday and Jim says everyone who wants to play will get an opportunity although you’re advised to book ahead.

The activity is running on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th April and places can be reserved by calling Children’s Services on 423680.