Islands Youngsters Enjoy Weekend Of Football Coaching

football childrenThe football skills of 53 young players aged between 4 and 14 years have been improved following two days of skills coaching from Plymouth Argyle staff this weekend.

The players were organised into three teams, England, Germany and USA, and received points for skill, behaviour, attitude and effort. Team Germany won.

During the two-day session, some of Scilly’s young footballers have been singled out for awards.

Within the junior age group, players of the weekend were Lily Mumford and Keesan Stewart. Ashton Littlejohn was the penalty shoot out winner and Jowan May and Jake Guy shared an award for effort.

In the middle age group, the best overall players were Will St Pier, Jevon Hughes and Ethan Mulholland. Esran Stewart had the best attitude and Will Lockett scored the best goal of the weekend. The most valuable player was Alex McMurray.

In the seniors Tom James and Zachary Hick shared the award for the best technical ability. Supreme Player of the Weekend was James Hathway

The visiting coaches also gave a masterclass in five-a-side football for some of the islands’ adult footballers.

Helen Glenn from the Five Islands Football Club says they are grateful to the Council’s Children’s Services Department for providing funding to a successful weekend.