Inaugural Meeting For Scilly’s New Archaeological Community Group

Isles of Scilly Museum

Isles of Scilly Museum

Islanders interested in history are being encouraged to join the new Isles of Scilly Community Archaeology Group.

They’re holding their inaugural meeting tomorrow at the Museum.

Senior Archaeologist at Cornwall Council, Charlie Johns, says it’s something they’ve had in place on the mainland for some time, and they’ve been keen to set up a similar group in Scilly for years.

Charlie says the idea is to bring together people who are interested in archaeology and would be willing to get their hands dirty on projects around the islands.

He feels they could start off with some fairly lightweight management of the overgrown scrub on scheduled monuments.

Charlie says he and local coordinator Kathryn Sawyer have identified a number of sites that need attention, like the entrance graves on Normandy Down.

It’s important work because when the roots get bigger they can cause significant damage to the area.

Scilly’s Wildlife Trust has offered to provide tools and guidance for the work.

Charlie says there’s also a chance to get involved in an archaeological dig later this year.

The Neolithic Stepping Stones Project is planning to return to St Martin’s in September, to carry out work at Old Quay.

But Charlie says it won’t be all ‘hands on.’ Alan Brodie, an expert on Scilly’s defensive Garrison walls from English Heritage, has offered to give the group guided walks on Tresco and St Mary’s.

The first meeting is taking place at the Museum tomorrow at 12 noon and everybody is welcome to attend.

Charlie and Kathryn will be there to answer any questions.

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