Standing Orders Dropped In Council Meetings

wesleyan chapel 2Members of the Council will no longer have to stand when addressing the Chairman.

The amendment to the Authority’s formal rulebook for meetings was one of a number of amendments proposed by St Martin’s councillor, Colin Daly, at the last Full Council meeting.

Colin said there was a strong feeling among members that they didn’t want to stand at Council meetings.

He said he found it difficult himself to do this and they could “quite happily” get rid of the rule unless there was some reason not to.

The Council’s Legal Officer Richard Burraston confirmed that there wasn’t.

The rule only applies to the formal Full Council meetings, but Cllr Gordon Bilsborough rejected the call.

He felt it was the start of a dangerous path.

Gordon said there were only four formal meetings a year where the chairman wears the official chains, and he felt there were certain protocols in local government that needed upholding.

These included addressing members by their title and standing to speak.

He said if anyone couldn’t stand because they were disabled then the Chairman would understand this.

The resolution was passed by a narrow margin, with eight councillors voting to change the rule and seven voting against.

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