Standards Complaint Should Not Have Gone So Far Says Councillor

wesleyan chapel 3The Council has wasted hundreds of pounds investigating a resident’s complaint that should not have gone so far without evidence.

That’s the view of Cllr Adrian Davis, the Vice Chairman of the Standards Committee, the panel that assesses whether members have breached rules and protocol.

Adrian and Cllr Fran Grottick have been the subject of a 5-month investigation following the formal complaint.

It was lodged after the two Heart group founders met with a local who had been anonymously sent a bundle of confidential papers relating to the suspension of the former school head teacher Bryce Wilby.

Mrs Grottick and Dr Davis visited the man who then destroyed the papers. After that meeting another local male, who was not present, alleged that that the councillors had bullied the man who was sent the files.

But the recipient of the papers had made no claim of intimidation.

The complainant made five allegations broadly alleging that councillor standards had been breached.

Adrian and Fran denied bullying and said that they were not acting as councillors during the process.

When the Council turned down the local’s first complaint, he appealed and Cornwall Council staff were contracted to assess it again.

Adrian says that no evidence was found to substantiate any of the five allegations that were made and the matter is now closed.

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