Scilly’s Youth Parliament Members Want Space For Young People

Zoe Jenkins (left) and Inca Reynolds

Zoe Jenkins (left) and Inca Reynolds

Scilly’s two new Members of the Youth Parliament say their key priority is to develop a space where young people can socialise.

12-year-old Inca Reynolds and 14-year-old Zoe Jenkins want to further the campaign highlighted by last year’s MYP Maddie Sibley.

The pair are launching a petition, which will go to the Council and MP Andrew George. They also hope to use a video message to get their points across.

Inca says having a place to relax away from adults is important. Previously youngsters used the Schiller Shelter but that isn’t possible anymore.

From Radio Scilly

Inca and Zoe talk about their plans for the islands’ youngsters

The girls understand that there could be some vandalism in an unsupervised space but Zoe says they’ve found a way to prevent damage to the walls. They want GCSE art students to decorate the space – users would be less likely to deface their friends’ work.

They’re now working out how to pay for the building and have come up with a low-cost solution of using old shipping containers.

The girls aren’t fixed on a site yet. They have ideas, including somewhere around Buzza Hill, but they also welcome the views of other under 18s.