International Festival Award For Gig Championships Film

wpgc 2013 jaspa sundayA documentary about a gig club’s preparations for the World Pilot Gig Championships in Scilly last year has won an award at the Canada International Film Festival.

Blood, Sweat and Oars follows Clevedon gig club through their winter training and competition in Scilly, with stunning images taken during the races.

It won the Excellence in Film Making Award.

Colin Gardiner of Talldog Media, who made the film, thinks its success is partly down to foreigners’ hunger for English eccentricity.

He said six people in a rowing boat, and the characters and stories involved, just “ticked all those boxes.”

Gig racing isn’t a well-known sport outside the South West, and Colin says that helps when making a documentary.

“You want to educate and show people something they’ve never seen before,” he said.

He’s most pleased with the race footage, captured during the championships. They used cameras mounted in the boats which gives a unique view of sport and what the rowers go through.

But he says they also had some great characters. Many had never done any sport before and suddenly they were plunged into the world of gig racing.

The film has been entered into more festivals, including Sheffield and Sydney and Colin is hoping a buyer will pick it up for TV.

His next stop is Cannes in April, and the recent award will give it a higher profile, he says.

There are currently no plans to show the film in Scilly, although Colin has had requests to show it at Gig Weekend in May.

You can see a taster of the film here.