Food Delays Blamed On Penzance Quay Works

Empty shelves in the Co-op yesterday

Empty shelves in the Co-op yesterday

Quay works following storm damage at Penzance are partially to blame for some empty shelves in the islands’ Co-op food store since the weekend.

Technical problems with the Gry Maritha cargo vessel put it out of action last week and it was unable to sail until yesterday.

Usually, the Scillonian III is used as a back-up boat for freight when the Gry is out-of-action but the reconstruction work at Penzance Harbour has restricted access to the vessel.

The Steamship Company says that they did put urgent milk supplies on the Scillonian on Friday and that they sent chilled and frozen goods by air yesterday.

17 containers of perishables will be brought over on that boat today, too.

But it hasn’t stopped islanders complaining about the noticeable lack of fresh food, fruit and vegetables on sale.

St Mary’s resident Maggie Perkovic claims one local shop couldn’t honour a contract to supply baked goods sourced from Cornwall and she added, “We seem to be going backward these days.”

Food reserves at Council residential home Park House were running low yesterday, too.

Chef Mark Twynham told Radio Scilly that his wholesale supplier hadn’t been made aware of yesterday’s rescheduled Gry Maritha so the Park House food order missed the sailing.

Mark says he’ll have to see what he can get from the Co-op.

We asked the Council for a comment but they failed to respond.

The Steamship Company says delivery drivers should ensure they meet the schedule but the company will implement contingency plans where necessary.

They are working closely with the Penzance Harbour Authority to enable the freight operation to take place, which will ensure residents and business in Scilly have the food supplies they need.

But the harbour works there are likely to continue for next 10 days.

Meanwhile, the Company’s Group Commercial Manager Nick Sanders, who oversaw some aspects of the freight operation, left the business last Tuesday.

The Company says he is pursuing other opportunities and they are looking to fill the post as soon as possible.

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