Last Consignment Of Waste From Moorwell Shipped Off


The remaining waste at the Moorwell site

The remaining waste at the Moorwell site

The last consignment of legacy waste from the Moorwell site was shipped off the islands this weekend by St Mary’s-based company, UES.

Chairman of the General Purposes Committee, Cllr Steve Sims says UES have done a “fantastic, ruthlessly efficient job,” coming in ahead of schedule, against a backdrop of exceptionally poor weather conditions.

“After a 30 year hiatus the problem is finally being addressed,” says Steve.

They’ve actually moved 3,600 tonnes of old black bag waste, which has been sent to an incinerator in Cornwall. That’s 600 tonnes more than expected.

But people walking past the site will still see a prominent mound.

Steve says the remaining material is mainly ash and soil, which will be used to landscape the site, including building banks to act as visual and noise screening.

But before that can take place, a significant amount of construction waste will need removing.

It’ll be crushed to generate aggregate for use in future building projects, saving around £40 per tonne on the freight costs of importing similar products from the mainland.

Steve anticipates that the site won’t be flattened until autumn or the New Year.

While he admits that funding for future work is “always a problem” he says Defra is very keen to see a solution on the site and feels confident they’ll come up with the cash that’s needed.

“This is all part of redeveloping Moorwell into a modern waste facility,” says Steve.