Evening Walk Will Give Unique Insight To Scilly’s Wildlife

wildlife trust rockpool ramble 2Scilly’s youngsters will be offered an insight into the islands’ wildlife this evening.

Jaclyn Pearson from the Seabird Recovery Project and the AONB ‘s Rebecca Steggles are hosting a nocturnal beach walk.

Jaclyn says that seabirds are returning and they often migrate by moonlight. She’s hoping that the group will witness Manx Shearwater migrating from South America.

They’ll also search for sea urchins on the beach.

Jaclyn says the quiet of the evening will heighten the kids’ experience because they’ll hear things they wouldn’t during the day. Amazingly, that even includes the sound of barnacles feeding, she says.

Jaclyn says many Scilly youngsters have a good understanding of the environment, but there are so many demands on their time that it’s easy to forget what’s all around us.

She says the walk is a chance for some ‘time out’ and to help increase their knowledge of the islands’ wildlife.

The event starts at 7.30pm at the Carn Thomas Youth Hub.