Government Give Islands Money For Road Repairs Following Storms

road closed signThe government has given the islands just under £81,000 to help repair roads damaged by the severe weather this winter.

The money is being distributed immediately to ensure that repairs can start as soon as possible.

A number of islanders have voiced concern about the recent deterioration of the roads, which locals claim have made cycling potentially dangerous with significant potholes emerging.

Two weeks ago, islander Andrew Hicks claimed the roads were getting risky to cycle on after he hit a pothole and burst his back wheel

The money has come at a fortunate time for Scilly’s Council. They’re planning a £1.5m package of road resurfacing on St Mary’s this spring to coincide with a tarmac batching plant being brought to the islands to relay the runway.

Chair of the General Purposes Committee, Steve Sims, says they submitted a claim to the government back in February and the money has already been earmarked for the resurfacing work.

Cllr Sims says it’s a very welcome funding addition to the scheme, and couldn’t have come through at a better moment.

He says the officers involved should be commended for getting this through so quickly, in less than two months.