Update: Council Creates Five New Senior Officer Roles As Previous Reorganisation Reversed

craig dryden

New Assistant Chief Executive Craig Dryden

The Council has created five new senior management posts and promoted Craig Dryden to the role of Assistant Chief Executive.

His new role follows the decision by Council boss Theo Leisjer to scrap the reorganisation of the Authority implemented by the interim CEO Barry Keel last year.

Current Director of Adult and Children’s Services, Penny Penn-Howard, has decided not to take up a role in the new structure. She’s leaving on the 9th June.

The other four new posts will cover Finance and Resources, Democratic and Corporate including the role of Monitoring Officer, Strategic Development and Services to the Community.

They’ve been advertised internally.

As well as being the Council number two, Craig will be taking on a similar job to that of the former Chief Technical Officer, a post last held by Neville Gardner before the role was abolished. Craig will oversee waste management and infrastructure.

He’ll relinquish the planning duties he had as Chief Planning Officer. The Council is now advertising to fill that Planning Officer role.

Staff heard about the changes at a series of meetings held on Tuesday.

The reorganisation is expected to have a knock-on effect for staff and the final structure will be announced at the end of April. After that, there’ll be a 45-day consultation period for anyone affected to contribute.

Barry Keel’s reorganisation of the Council had been planned to reduce costs for the cash-strapped Authority.

But details of how this new structure will affect the spending plans, agreed earlier this year by councillors, haven’t been released.

The current Chief Executive, Mr Leisjer is earning a £100,000 salary package, £12,000 higher than former Council boss Philip Hygate and the new Assistant Chief Executive role commands a salary of around £80,000.


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