Community Day Centre Trial Planned For Carn Gwaval


Carn Gwaval Health and Wellbeing Centre

Carn Gwaval Health and Wellbeing Centre

The Council is opening the Memory Café Room at Carn Gwaval as a Community Day Centre.

It’s part of a six-month trial, aimed at providing more social interaction for older adults and their carers on the islands.

Adult Social Care Manager Gareth Peters says he’s keen to build on the good work of the voluntary sector, helping older members of the community, particularly Jenny Byers and Jane Chiverton who run the Memory Café.

He says social isolation is a real issue for many people, even in a close knit community like the Isles of Scilly.

Opening up the facility on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons will allow older islanders to meet for a cup of tea, read the paper, play cards, or just socialise in a safe space with others.

At the end of each session there’ll be some simple exercises, which users can take part in.

Gareth says the Day Centre will have more of a ‘drop-in’ feel, rather than the structured activities organised by Jane and Jenny.

But he says the Active Living Coordinator, Leonie Jones, who is running the sessions, will be happy to join in with a game of scrabble or a chat.

It’s also an opportunity to provide useful information to these members of community, or point them in the right direction if they need help.

The Buzza Bus will be operated at the same time to ensure transport to the site is available.

Gareth says they’ll monitor the success of the trial over the coming months and will change the format if necessary, based on feedback from users.

He’s keen to hear from any locals who would like to volunteer to help out at the sessions.

They’re also looking for donations of jigsaw puzzles, magazines, sheet music for the piano, and old balls of wool or crochet hooks and knitting needles to create a craft basket.

The Day Centre will be open on Mondays from 10.00am to 1.00pm and on Thursdays from midday to 4pm, starting on the 7th April.