Historic Clock Goes On Display In Council Chambers

The clock mechanism

The clock mechanism

An historic clock that used to sit in the parish church tower has gone on display in the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

The mechanism is thought to date from the 1870’s and was made by the same firm who manufactured the one in Westminster’s Elizabeth Tower, commonly known as Big Ben.

It’s been stored in a glass case at Porthmellon for several years after being taken down to make way for the new church bells and a modern electric timepiece.

There had been hopes it could be fitted in the new Porthcressa Shelter or the library, although councillors rejected that because of the cost.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin said building work at the former Wholesalers’ building, where it was stored, meant it had to be moved.

She says at the moment, the Wesleyan Chapel is the best place within the Council to display heritage assets.

Other artefacts moved there recently include a bust of Mahatma Ghandi, given to the Council by the Indian High Commissioner, and a copy of the peace treaty with the Dutch, signed by then Chairman Roy Duncan in 1986.

Amanda says investigations into the legal ownership of the clock mechanism are still ongoing and there’s no estimate yet as to its value.

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