Bugle Making Plans For 28th Cricket Tour Of Scilly

cricket players“Alcoholics with a cricketing problem.”

That’s how the organiser of one of Scilly’s longest running sporting fixtures describes his team, who have been travelling from Bugle, near Truro, to the islands, most years since 1981.

Peter Child is currently preparing for the 28th visit this September, lining up matches against cricket teams on St Agnes, Tresco and St Martin’s.

He says you can never predict the outcome of the matches. Last year they won three out of three games, but the previous year, they didn’t win anything.

Most of the Bugle team are “knocking on a bit,” says Peter, with many of the original players from the 80’s still on the tour.

He says it’s very much a friendly visit, having made a lot of good friends here over the years.

The Bugle tourists select a theme each year. This time round, it’s ‘The Cowboy Tour’ and Peter says hats and horses will be compulsory, although not for locals, who he says tend to look on with a mixture of “sympathy and understanding.”

The first match will be on St Agnes on Friday the 19th September, followed by St Martin’s on the Saturday and Tresco on Sunday.