Scilly ‘Most Harmonious Place In Britain’ To Live

hugh town from garrisonScilly is known for it’s beautiful scenery but now we’ve been named the most harmonious place in Britain to live.

Research released this week shows that we’re bottom of the list for the number of official complaints made to councils about neighbours.

In the first nine months of 2013, our islands’ Council received just one nuisance neighbour complaint and none that required statutory investigations.

That compares to the highest-ranking council, Fife, which received over 19,000 statutory reports.

The information was compiled from a Freedom of Information request carried out last October by Churchill Insurance.

Reasons for the complaints included noise, condition of the premises, rubbish, pets and parking issues.

Council Public Relations Officer George Pearson said there were actually two noise complaints to the Local Authority last year, both relating to local businesses.

He said when the Council receives a complaint, they usually provide the complainant with a noise nuisance diary to log any problems.

If problems persist, the Local Authority can issue a noise abatement notice or take other actions in extreme circumstances.

George added that to improve their environmental health service, including noise nuisance procedures, the Council is currently seeking a service level agreement with an external agency.

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