Prospective MP Says Survey Respondents Won’t Be identified

derek thomas conservative candidateThe Conservative candidate for Scilly’s Parliamentary seat of St Ives says islanders can amend the surveys he’s sent out, if they are concerned about being identified from their responses.

Conservative Derek Thomas has sent all islanders the two-page questionnaire, which asks for the respondents opinion on current MP Andrew George, the NHS and whether the Health Centre should open 7 days a week, amongst other issues.

It also asks for your voting history and intentions.

But Radio Scilly has been contacted by a married couple who were concerned that the survey contained special markings that could identify who has responded.

The locals received the questionnaire mailshot personally addressed to them, but each individual’s form was marked separately with a code, which was also printed on the response form.

Derek told Radio Scilly that the respondents won’t be traced using the code and if you are concerned, you could just scratch it out.

He says his team simply want to work out what issues are important in specific geographic areas.

Derek says he’s undertaking the survey, as he promised to do, because he feels it is likely that he will be our MP after the election.

He doesn’t want to be an “uninformed, incompetent or ineffective” one, he says.