Scilly’s Police Sergeant Wants Debate On Parking Restrictions

hugh town centre summerScilly’s most senior police officer says he’s worried his team could end up spend all their time dealing with illegal parking. And he wants people to talk to their councillors about where they want to see parking restrictions.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the roads will be resurfaced later this year, and new lines will be put down.

He feels this is the right time to have a “proper” debate on parking, to ensure the community gets the restrictions, if any, that they want.

Colin recently launched an online survey, via the police team’s Facebook page, to gauge public opinion on the subject.

He’s had around 600 responses, although three fifths of these have been from mainland residents.

But he feels that’s still enough to get a good idea of how locals are thinking.

And he says when he’s out on the beat, it’s the top subject that people stop him to discuss.

Colin says with the clear yellow lines laid down, all the existing restrictions are completely enforceable.

But he’s worried about the effect that would have on his team and their day-to-day work.

Colin says there’s potential for the officers on the islands to spend all their time enforcing parking and he doesn’t want that to happen.

“It’s a lot of money to spend on three police officers to become traffic wardens,” he says.

And he’s concerned that it could create animosity with the public, which would affect their other duties and their relationship with the community.

Colin says the law offers a lot of flexibility in how the restrictions operate or could be varied, for example on Sundays, or during the off-season from October to March.

And he says the Council could take on the enforcement role by appointing their own warden.

But he wants that debate to happen now, before changes are made that can’t be reversed easily.

Sergeant Taylor says he’s not passing the buck, and wants to work with the Council and community to get this right.

He’s already met with the Council’s Director of Place and will soon meet with the Islands’ Partnership to discuss the issue.

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