It’s Official – Scilly Is One Of The Brainiest Places In The Country

hugh town from BuzzaAnyone going to the weekly pub quiz at the Atlantic Inn or Scillonian Club might notice there are quite a few brainy people living here in Scilly.

But now it’s official. We have the third most qualified population in the country.

Data released by the Office for National Statistics and collected as part of the 2011 census show there are only 7% of people in Scilly with no formal qualifications, just ahead of Cambridge.

The City of London came top, with just 4.1% of its inhabitants failing to pass the most basic level.

Council Chairman and Oxford graduate, Amanda Martin, said the results should come as no surprise.

Amanda says the islands have placed a high value on formal learning, stretching right back to 1834.

That’s when Augustus Smith started building schools on the islands and introduced full time education, 40 years before the mainland.

She says islanders’ education gave them better access to jobs in the 19th century, something that’s continued to the present day.

Amanda gives the example of St Agnes, which has a huge proportion of graduates relative to its total population.

“Like-minded people flock together in search of a better quality of life,” she says, but added that it can make those pub quizzes very scary!