Long Serving Barman Pulls Final Pint In Scilly

Dave Huddy

Dave Huddy

One of the islands’ best-known barmen is leaving for a new life in Dartmouth today.

Dave Huddy has served thousands of guests in the Dungeon Bar at the Star Castle Hotel over the last 27 years.

He is taking up a role at the Britannia Royal Naval College.

Dave knows the South Devon town well as his father came from the area and he’s often stayed there. He says he wasn’t intending to stay in Scilly forever and this opportunity in a town he loves is too good to miss.

He still loves Scilly and says he’ll be back, but feels he’s done everything he wanted to do here and some of the magic has worn off for him, as he’s done every walk dozens of times.

Dave first came to Scilly for his sister’s wedding in 1986 and he returned 6 months later to work at the Bell Rock Hotel.

Although Dave hadn’t worked as a barman previously, he says he developed an interest in people when he worked with a firm of bookmakers.

And he thinks a good barman should know how to keep the conversation going with customers and make them feel welcome.

Although Dave’s new bar isn’t open to the public, he says he’d welcome contact from any former colleagues or from friends passing through Dartmouth.