Islands’ Children To Get Cycle Safety Training

bikes in rackCycle safety skills will be offered to Scilly’s school children this summer, to help ensure the Five Islands School complies with their Sustainable Transport Policy.

When the new school was built, they had to formulate a plan to minimise the use of motor vehicles.

Next week, half a dozen adult volunteers will be coached by a Cornwall-based cycle proficiency trainer and everyone who passes the assessment will be able to pass on their knowledge to pupils in Years 5 and 6 later this year.

Sue Hodgson is part of the group that has sourced the funding and arranged the sessions.

She says cycling proficiency course have previously been held on the islands by the Police, but these stopped through lack of funding.

Sue says the school has to have a travel plan, and they’ve joined together with Lifelong Learning, Crafty Kids and the Sports Hall, to come up with a communal travel plan for all Carn Gwaval-based users.

That could include cycle skills training for adults in the future too.

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