Harbourmaster Still Planning For Late Summer Quay Upgrades

St Mary's Quay

St Mary’s Quay

The Harbourmaster says his team are still planning for refurbishment work to begin on St Mary’s quay in the late summer.

Dale Clark says he’s expecting a “definitive answer” from the Department for Communities and Local Government about funding for the £8m project by the end of the month.

And he says companies wanting to tender for the building work had already started to make visits to assess their bids.

In January, the Council’s Strategic Investment Manager, Diana Mompoloki told councillors that the scheme was “stuck and not moving forward.”

The project was still awaiting appraisal by funders before the money could be released and with the final phase of European Development money involved, that meant the deadline for completion was approaching fast.

Dale says there is an “exceptional” amount of work going on in the background by Cornwall Council, who are managing the work, as well as Scilly’s Council and the Duchy, who own the building.

And he says it will be a huge benefit for the community and allow the quay to be used to its maximum potential.

That includes creating more flexible options for a new boat by extending the length, as well as providing better freight handling and safer access for passengers.

Dale says the refurbishment of the Harbourside Building will also breathe new life into the area.

The harbour team are still repairing damage from the series of storms that hit the islands in January and February.

Dale says the bulk of work to repair the surface has now been completed, but the wave wall, running the length of the outer quay, will need to be knocked down and rebuilt in 10m sections over the next two months.

Dale says that means people greeting passengers from the Scillonian III will have to wait by the freight office, rather than next to the gangway.

But he says there should be no disruption to the Pilot Gig Championships, which are scheduled for May.