MP Calls For Government Support Over Scilly’s Storm Damage

nick cleggThe Deputy Prime Minister has said he’ll ensure a meeting with Ministers takes place to discuss recent storm damage in Scilly and West Cornwall.

Nick Clegg was responding to a request by MP Andrew George at Prime Minister’s Questions today.

Mr George said the severe damage to Penzance, Scilly, and the vital life-line transport links between them has largely gone unnoticed and is not something local authorities can resolve on their own.

He asked whether a delegation from the constituency could meet the appropriate Ministers and officials to seek support for “a long-term and resilient solution.”

Mr Clegg told MPs that he had recently visited the area, to see for himself the problems caused by the floods and extreme weather.

This was before the Valentine’s Day storm, which resulted in even more damage.

In a statement, Andrew says the scale of the problem faced in Penzance and the vulnerability of the transport link is something that requires a response that can only be achieved with Government support.

He says communities like Dawlish have had that support, which of course they deserve. But he wants Ministers to recognise that securing Penzance seafront and a long term and resilient ferry link to Scilly is just as deserving.