New Council Director Positions Could Be Abolished

town hall 4Two new Council director roles created last year are likely to be abolished following a recommendation from the new Chief Executive Theo Leisjer.

This comes less than six months since the former Director of Planning and Economic Development, Craig Dryden, took the first of the two positions, the Director of Place.

Radio Scilly understands that the Council has struggled to find suitable applicants for the other new role, the Director of People, which was advertised nationally earlier this year.

Minutes from a closed-door session of Full Council held on February 21st show Mr Leisjer has asked councillors to revoke plans for the restructuring initiated by the previous Interim CEO, Barry Keel.

Mr Leisjer says he wants to remove directors and put in place “fewer levels of control.”

The Council is bringing in a specialist Human Resources advisor to help them with the new reorganisation.

Cllr Christine Savill expressed concern for the current Director of Place, although Theo says he has spoken to him “at length” and he is content with the proposal.

Cllr Robert Dorrien Smith welcomed the change in approach. But he felt that it should be better communicated to staff, which could result in a positive effect on morale.

In a statement, Chair of Council Amanda Martin said: “Following various discussions the Council is further developing its plans to reorganise the workplace.

“The Council of the Isles of Scilly is a responsible employer and will exercise its full duty of care towards all of its members.”

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