Council Goes To Court To Recover Outstanding Debts

wesleyan chapel 2West Cornwall Magistrates have issued liability orders to five islanders for the recovery of outstanding debts owed to the Council.

The orders were given yesterday at a court sitting in the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

A total of £2,423 is owed in Council tax and a further £7,419 in business rates.

Obtaining a liability order allows the Authority to take further recovery action, including instructing bailiffs to recover debts on their behalf if appropriate.

Head of Finance and Reporting Iain McCulloch said the Council offers a variety of instalment plans and methods of payment to make it as easy as possible to pay local taxes.

He said they’re also open to discussing any difficulties and can offer advice on discounts, benefits or other support.

But Iain says each year, there is a tiny minority of taxpayers who don’t respond to bills and reminders, meaning the Council have to take formal recovery action through the Magistrates’ Court.

“The vast majority of island tax payers pay perfectly promptly,” says Iain.

“Unfortunately a handful of individuals and businesses don’t pay until we take their cases to the courts and that’s what we did. Otherwise we will be letting down everyone that does pay.”