Are Scilly Property Prices Affected By Slow Internet?

The Daily Telegraph claims that the value of your property is affected by Broadband speeds. And the article reports that Scilly is one of the worst affected areas.

Journalist Caroline McGhie refers to Estate Agents Knight Frank’s Rural Sentiment Survey which found that around 70 per cent of those questioned thought speedy internet access was a big issue. The newspaper lists Scilly as within the 10 worst places for broadband, along with Mid Wales and Shetland. There is a glimmer of hope if you want to sell and you agree with the report’s findings. Jonathan Cunliffe of Savills estate agents in Truro is quoted as saying superfast broadband on the mainland is making a difference. And we’re getting it in Scilly soon. You might have noticed the surveying and roadworks in Scilly preparing for our broadband upgrade. That is expected to offer speeds of potentially 300mbs in Scilly. It will be provided by undersea cable and is expected this year.

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