£1.45m Road Repair Programme On St Mary’s Approved By Councillors

road closed signCouncillors have approved a £1.45m spending programme to resurface the roads on St Mary’s.

It follows a request from the General Purposes Committee who asked for more highways to be included in the plan.

They want to take advantage of the mobile tarmac plant that contractors Lagan Construction will be bringing to Scilly for the runway resurfacing project.

The Council has managed to find the funds from several different budgets including the Highway and General Reserves.

Money from the Education Budget and Children’s Services, set aside for repairing Nowhere car park and improving the footpath across Old Town Bay, will also be added.

These areas will be included in the work.

They’re also hoping to claim £150,000 from the Government’s Storm Damage fund.

The remaining £116,000 will be borrowed, the cost being offset by savings to the annual road repair bill.

Cllr Steve Sims says this is currently around £60,000 each year and likely to increase if nothing is done to repair the damage.

Cllr David Pearson said it’s essential the work is done but some areas need urgent patching before the expected start date in May.

He says the recent bad weather has left some roads, like McFarland’s Down, badly damaged and the Buzza Bus can’t make all its journeys because of the pot holes.

Its batteries are close to the ground and could get damaged, and he says the Council could be liable for private cars too.

The Director of Place, Craig Dryden, is putting together a list of those areas that need immediate attention, although Cllr Sims said the Direct Labour Force are “right up to their necks” dealing with storm damage at the moment.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin said the roads are in a “shocking state” and she was constantly receiving complaints from the public.

She says they needed to tell people outside the Council Chamber that the damage is being taken in hand, and that they’re not just making “piecemeal” repairs.

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