Message from Western Power after Friday Power Cuts

Ritchie Christopher of Western Power has emailed Radio Scilly to say that 03:00 this morning Scilly was hit with severe wind and rain which caused two major incidents on the power network. It killed supplies to over 1000 customers in the Islands. With only two staff on duty a third member on leave was called in to assist with repairs. One circuit has been repaired and the other is being dealt with at Porthloo Lane. St Mary’s Power Station is generating because of incidents in West Cornwall and Bryher is on its own Emergency generator because of the faults.

All customers were back on some by temporary back feeds by 08:30. Anyone else still off supply needs to ring the EMERGENCY HOT LINE 0800 365 900. Porthloo lane has conductors down and Ritchie says they would prefer people to stay away please whilst they repair.