Islanders Being Asked For Views On Mundesley House

Mundesley House

Mundesley House

Islanders will be asked for their views on the Five Islands School boarding service.

The exercise is part of an £11,000 review by consultants Indigo into the future of Mundesley House.

The Council and school jointly arranged it and both bodies are on the steering committee.

Council tax doesn’t pay for the boarding facility, which cost £92,000 to operate for the 19 children who used it on school days during term time in 2012.

It’s funded by a direct government payment, but nevertheless, some islanders have strong views about its retention.

Some islanders argue that Mundesley is invaluable as it allows off-island children a chance to take part in after-school activities and socialise with a larger group of children.

But some islanders view the boarding house as a subsidy for off-island parents and they claim that daily boat transfers would be preferable.

Joel Williams from the Council of the Isles Of Scilly says next week’s events will follow an open and relaxed format rather than a focus group approach.

All locals, and not just parents, can call in and share their views of the current provision as well as offering alternative approaches.

The first sessions will be held on Monday 3rd March at 12.15pm at the Children’s Centre on St Mary’s and then later in the afternoon on St Agnes, at the Reading Room from 2.15pm.

On Tuesday 4th March, you’ll be able to offer feedback on all the remaining off-islands at their Community Centres.

Sessions will be held on Bryher from 9.30am, on Tresco from 12.15pm, from 3pm on St Martin’s and back on St Mary’s again from 5.45pm at the Children’s Centre.

Joel says If anyone can’t make next week’s sessions but would like to talk to someone, his team will offer face to face meetings or a phone conversation, when convenient.

The review should be concluded by early summer if all goes to plan, Joel says.

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