Councillor Happy With Take-up Of Recycling Trial

rubbish dump 3The councillor who spearheaded the waste recycling trial in part of Old Town says he’s pleased with the response.

Steve Sims says locals have received the scheme positively.

The experiment started two weeks ago and over 50% of residents in the trial area are now taking part.

Steve says there are some locals who don’t see the point, however, and some of them are continuing to take bottles to the bottle bank.

Old Town resident Ro Bennett is a fan of the scheme.

She tells Radio Scilly that it has saved her from having to carry bottles and tins to the collection banks at the back of the Old Town Inn.

But Ro is concerned at the “flimsy” nature of the plastic boxes used for recycling and she says she wonders how long they will last.

Steve says the Council is aware that the boxes are considered too light and not durable enough. And he says that will be addressed before a further rollout of the scheme.

He says there have been temporary problems at Moorwell with the waste collection because there’s little space.

But he says that there’ll be more room when the removal of legacy waste from the Moorwell Alp is completed.

There’s also been an issue with staff resources as workers have been diverted to storm repair work, he says.

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