AONB To Encourage More Composting In Scilly

aonb signThe islands Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is looking at ways to encourage more composting on St Mary’s.

Director of Place Craig Dryden has told councillors that it’s important to get ‘wet waste’ out of the rubbish stream and that will mean getting more homes and businesses on the islands to compost their food and garden waste.

Burning wet material in the Moorwell incinerator has previously been blamed in part for the poor emission results and higher fuel costs.

Craig said it could also mean bringing together groups like the Farmers’ and Growers’ Initiative, the Allotment Association and green action group, Transition Scilly, to form a community composting scheme.

The council’s waste consultants SLR are also producing a report on how other materials like paper, cardboard and mixed plastics could be recycled or sold on the mainland.

Craig says even if it doesn’t actually make money for the authority, it could help reduce the costs of sending it over.

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