Scilly Has One Of Lowest Smoking Rates

smokingScilly now has one of the lowest smoking rates in England.

Figures compiled for the British Heart Foundation reveal that 14% of islanders use cigarettes. That’s in contrast with the Gwent Valleys and Hull where 31% of locals light up.

Aisling Hick, who looks after public health for the Council, says there had been concern about smoking levels in Scilly and that the islands didn’t have robust stop-smoking support in place.

Smoking cessation services are a mandatory requirement because it remains the UK’s single greatest cause of illness and premature death.

The islands have allocated £5,000 from their annual public health allocation to tackle the habit.

Linda Quee, who manages the Stop Smoking Campaign for Cornwall and Scilly says 19% of people now smoke in Cornwall compared to 26% in 2007.

There are no figures to map Scilly’s smoking decline.

Lynda and Aisling partly put the reduction down to the ban on smoking in public and work places and the ‘de-normalisation’ of smoking.

If you still want to quit, there’s a daily drop in Stop Smoking clinic at St Mary’s Health Centre at 5pm.

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