Islanders Asked For Help Collecting Data For Climate Study

Erosion around the base of Porthcressa allotments

Erosion around the base of Porthcressa allotments

Climate change has been hitting the headlines over the last few days following the recent bad weather to hit Scilly.

And now a university researcher is asking islanders for their help to collect data on the subject.

Jan Petzold is a sociologist from the University of Hamburg and he’s studying how people in small island communities deal with environmental issues.

He’s chosen to focus on Scilly because of our unique geography, off the UK mainland.

Jan’s spending six weeks living in St Mary’s and he’s hoping as many people as possible will fill in a survey he’s sending to homes.

He’s also keen to talk to as many locals as possible, to understand more about life here in Scilly.

The questionnaires are being sent out in the next two weeks, starting with the off-islands, and with collection boxes at central places, such as shops and post offices.

Jan says the data will be anonymous and used only for his research.

And he wants to share his insights once the results have been analysed adding that the information could be useful for local planning and dealing with future environmental issues.