Bill For Environmental Health Service Set To Triple

town hall windows signThe Council’s bill for providing Environmental Health services could more than triple next year, but councillors appear to be in the dark about why.

The authority currently buys in the service from the mainland at a cost of just over £15,000.

Director of Place Craig Dryden told members of the General Purposes Committee that it was “critical” the service was improved.

This follows an audit by the Food Standards Agency, which found “some issues”, as well as increased legislation covering water, waste and sewage on the islands.

Craig said the islands had to “up our game,” and rethink how environmental health services were being delivered.

He recommended raising the budget to £50,000 and bringing in an external consultant or another local authority to carry out the work.

But Cllr Richard McCarthy was worried by the increase.

He said that the Food Standards Agency audit, which councillors hadn’t actually seen, must have been “pretty poor” if the Director was expecting them to increase the budget by so much.

Craig said it wasn’t just food safety but other areas of environmental health that are not being undertaken properly.

No further questions were asked by councillors about what was in the audit or why the budget was increasing.

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